Use the customizeable bars or enjoy the presets. Popular parameters are:

Color Strike (method) Strike Once (method) Strike Randomly (method) Targets (multiple) Targets Hit Event (message) Flickering Strength
Segment Size Branch Amount Freeze Shape Fade Effect


Get the Lightning Bolt for Unity, 15.-

Latest updates

Autoplay function Explicit class naming


How do I start after import?

Drop the LightningSource prefab into the scene. T he object's gizmo displays the start of the lightning and opens up the editor once it's focused.

Can I take use of the public parameters by code?

Yes, all public parameters which can be adjusted over the editor can also be set by code, because they are realtime parameters. Use the variable or method name displayed in the editor inside the lightning source component.

Any questions left or need for developer's help?

Feel free to contact and feedback us!

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